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It may seem that product concept creation is something vague, abstract and makes no sense to pay for it. However, this is a delusion. All details are important when you creating new electronic devices, or re-design already existing. Therefore, at the conceptual stage, engineers define requirements for a product, create specifications for the entire product as well as it’s parts, selecting SoC/SiP with better specs, creating a project plan, sketches in order to help all stakeholders see idea more clear, then moving to the first POC and on the next step EVT engineering samples. While DVT stage is more clear, PVT stage importance is often underestimated. Production preparation includes many important steps such as design documentation amendments and approving, final BOM correction, assessment for production itself and suppliers, testing and quality control automation and of course first batch assembling, failures analyzis, corrective actions, SOP amendments and so on. Throughout the entire project, from the very first steps till the moment of shipping we controlling and manage all the main KPI of the project, with particular attention to the time and financial part. Hardware for Software provide comprehensive support, as well as recommendations for RMA models and components lifetime analytics.

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