Optics play important role in modern electronics. Projectors, Computer Vision, Photo and Video cameras, LIDARs, Lighting systems, and many other devices require vast knowledge in design and development optical part for these devices.
Hardware For Software is able to offer you professional help with complex optical systems design. We have experience with project from whole over the world and optics isn't any different.

  • We could offer following services:
  • technical requirements formalization
  • design, tolerances calculation and verification, thermal analysis
  • design documentation releasing and amendments, 2D, 3D
  • design considerations for standard parts application
  • prototypes assembling (or assembling supervision)
  • prototypes testing, include lab testing
  • manufacturing support and supervision
We also able to perform assessment for your optical system. Complete testing for complicated optical systems is not that easy, but our engineers' experience and knowledge gained within many years in optical industry helps to manage cost and optical specifications optimizations.

Optical systems which we could design for you:
  • 1. Imaging optics:
  • IR and UV
  • Imaging optics
  • Wide angle lenses such as fish eye.
  • Magnifying lenses
  • Catadioptric systems
  • Thermostabilized optical systems
  • F-theta lenses for laser scan or engraving applications
  • LIDARs optical systems
  • High NA(fast) optical systems
  • DLP, LED, LCoS, projection systems
  • Optomechanics

  • 2. Nonimaging optics:
  • Lightguides and colormixing rods
  • Stage lighting systems
  • LED TIR lenses, reflectors
  • Wallwash illumination systems
  • Streetlight optics (according to IESNA RP8 standard, EN 13201 standard and others)
  • Aviation safety lights, marine light signals (according to FAA, ICAO, RTCM etc.)
  • Automotive light
  • Medical light
  • DLP projection illumination
  • Suntraps
  • IR moving sensors optics
  • RSMX, BSDF, IES measurements

  • 3. Optical engineering and simulations:
  • Interference systems
  • Diffraction gratings
  • Laser optics
  • Diffraction optical elements
  • Optical waves propagation systems
  • Straylight analysis
  • Fluorescence simulation
  • programming Zemax ZPL
  • programming Zemax Dll
  • programming Zemax API
  • MATLAB simulations

Your advantages: engineering team with rich experience which is able to find solutions for most challenging issues.