PCB is a heart for any modern electronic device.
Almost any electronic device has at least one or sometimes several PCBs. PCB is a carrier for electronic components such as CPU/MCU or even SoC, memory, ADC/DAC, FPGA, LDO, DSP and many others depends on device type and application, PCB also normally carrying memory and FW inside. PCBs carrying many different components and connecting them by copper rails, contact pads, connectors and other components located on them. Modern PCBs normally have several layers, and each layer could include thousands of rails connecting in complicated way hundreds components to each other. At the same time, it's important to reduce components, rails and layers interference in order to keep information and signals pure it also helps to increase reliability and operation stability.
That's why PCB design is a complicated process and with increasing CPUs and memory speed, interfaces speed and information volumes as well as 4G, 5G networks, DDR4/5 and nowadays even DDR6 memory it requires comprehensive and specific knowledge from engineers about signal integrity, interference, signals propagation and understanding which way to route signals, still no any automated routing SW couldn't offer robust solution for these challenging tasks better than good engineer. Hence, we able to offer you most experienced engineers who able to handle these challenging tasks. From simple dual layer PCBs to microwaves.

Hardware For Software able to help you with most complicated EE design for modern devices from microwave systems to servers. SoC/SiP/CPU selection, components End of Life analysis, BOM price optimization and components re-selection for your existing products and many other factors allow to create more competitive devices with lower BOM cost, reliability, and reduced Time to Market.

  • Our services:
  • architecture and schematic diagrams design
  • PCB routing
  • BOM optimization
  • PCB 3D-models design
  • thermal modeling
  • signal integrity analysis(SI)
  • electromagnetic compatibility analysis (EMC)
  • power integrity (PI)
  • and other related services on demand

Prototypes assembling in China and Russia. Reliability, MTBF and other testing. Amendments upon testing results analysis.

Embedded FW development
  • Supported architectures:
  • FPGA and SoC FW - VHDL and Verilog for Altera/Actel/Xilinx;
  • C/C++ FW for ARM, TI, TI DSP, ADI Blackfin, ADI DSP, NXP, Atmel, PIC, STM32, ATmega, MTK, Unisoc;
  • Bluetooth, Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE), WiFi, LoRaWAN, NB-IoT and other wireless front-end FW;
  • SW and FW development for Linux, Android other OS on demand.

Certification CE, FCC, EAC, RoHS, WEEE and others depends on your target sales area.

After project completion we providing all design documents for mass production according to industry common standards such as IPC, ISO and others upon your requirements. Average project lead time 3-4 month for middle embedded systems complexity for POC and EVT stages.

We have reliable connections with MTK, Unisoc, FullHan, Lontium, TI and other semiconductor manufacturers, it allow us to have comprehensive support from them as well as information (include End of Life information) about latest SoC and other components.