Production in China suspended nowadays, how you handle your orders?

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This phrase I hear more often than “how are you?” recently.

Since we offer electronic manufacturing services, R&D and prototyping as well as have our own product line for Industry 4.0, we are widely connected to Chinese production base.

However it’s not so easy.

While our company was growing we built strong relationships with Asian and European factories. Hence, when we realized production in China gonna stay on hold next month, we decided to use the plan B. But then we faced different challenges.

In attempt to produce our IoT devices on time, we faced 3 issues:

- Components lead time in Europe 4-6 weeks comparing to 2 weeks in China.

- Assembling and Testing time for 1000 devices 24 days, comparing to 5 days in China.

- As you may guess manufacturing price in Europe also about 30% higher.

Considering these circumstances we have decided to enjoy tropical sun longer during this unplanned vacation and wait a week or two while our Chinese partners will get back to work.

Once again we value well close cooperation with our Chinese partners and realized how efficiently our current processes built.

Meanwhile this is a perfect time for our engineers to work on more solutions and bring new ideas to life. In case you have any project you would like to discuss with us, we would love to help you, let us know!

Technology focus 2020-2022

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While global quarantine is ongoing, we decided to use this time to evaluate and do rethink our strategy for the nearest future. 

Thus, during our last meeting we were talking about the target technologies and the directions for our further development.

Here I would like to share the list we came up for ourselves, maybe there are some of you who is working in similar projects and we can find some synergies to cooperate.

Our technology focus and the devices we will keep working on are the following:

a). LoRaWAN based IoT, we already have some ready IoT devices in our portfolio and we will keep expanding our product line. We have many projects ongoing, including the ones with explosion proof certificates. This is our priority line and requires less resources since we already invested a lot.

b). 5G. I think it is not necessary to tell about the benefits that come with it – it’s like a replacement of many other communication devices, we already have some potential products: modems for IoT, computer modems, smartphones, tablets, turning any other device into a communication one (video cameras etc.)

c). NB-IoT – it’s way easier to promote the projects of the devices/sensors with NB-IoT/5G as in this case there is a great support from a mobile operator, and more often operator’s budget.

d). UWB – still one of underestimated technologies, we keep getting many inquiries for vertical and horizontal objects tracking and people tracking indoors. There are still not so many products on the market, and we are determined to further develop this area.

e). RFID – another well known and extensively used technology, we already have hardware developed.

g). Wireless HART – we already have some inquiries from the industry.

h). BLE 5.1 could be an addition to UWB and helps to solve many other tasks.

i). WiFi 6 - high speed next generation WiFi for home and industrial use, - people always want to have fast internet connection and fast home network.

j). Laser measurements (spectral analysis, profile/geometry/volume).

k). Gas analysis (electrochemistry+spectral analysis).

l). Expansion of our explosion proof product line with competitive price (lower than the current market offers).

m). Keep working with the DLP projectors and development of the technology, search for the new projects in this area.

n). Medical devices – we have several design concepts and realized projects. Very perspective area.

o).Video cameras with CV (neural engine).

p). CV - computer vision. Very interesting area. Tesla already launched their own ICs with computer vision, there are already first ICs for the cameras with CV, neural engine is a part of almost every modern SoC, CV will play a leading role in the process automation.

q). AR/VR

These are our thoughts and targets for the nearest future. Feel free to comments and share what are you working on, maybe we can create some awesome projects together.

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